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Environmental protection

Zero emission manufacturing of doors and windows

For a smaller ecological footprint

Environmentalism is an ideology, a philosophy and a movement. The concept itself is both a school of thought that humanity is responsible for and, of course, also dependent on the environment around it, and a movement that fights to preserve the various natural and built environmental assets and keep them liveable and usable. Environmental protection has similarities with nature conservation, but while the latter is primarily concerned with the preservation of living, natural values, environmental protection places great emphasis on the protection and creation of a liveable, sustainable environment.

Environmental protection is the social activity that aims to prevent, mitigate or remedy the damage caused by human society to its own ecological conditions of existence. Environmental protection considers it important that the human production and consumption system is or becomes sustainable, and also sets out other political demands. Although most environmental organisations come from the civil sector, many political organisations worldwide also represent environmentalism and, with the rise of corporate responsibility, many large companies are taking steps to protect the environment, and so is Schal-Tech Kft.


What Schal-Tech Kft does for the environment


thanks to the energy-efficient machinery used and the solar panel system installed this year, our windows and doors are manufactured using 100% self-produced solar energy


we take environmental guidelines into account in product development


we optimise production, ensuring efficiency (less energy use, less pollutant emissions)


we manufacture domestically, so we don't have to transport our products much


the basic material of our products (e.g. windows and doors) is robust, durable and long-lasting, and they do not need to be replaced often


we take care of removing waste from the construction site

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