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Aszód manufacturing plant

The aluminium structures are manufactured in our Aszód production plant. After receiving the powder-coated profiles and performing quality control, we cut them to size and then carry out the necessary processing on our modern, computer-controlled machines.

Curtain wall elements, doors and windows are assembled in accordance with the manufacturing drawings prepared by our design office, with careful attention to the requirements of the profile system guidelines and standards.

The structures manufactured in our factory comply with the requirement of the harmonised

EN14351-1; EN16034-1; és EN12101-2


We operate a strict in-process quality control system.

We take great care to ensure that the structures we manufacture meet all the technical and aesthetic requirements of the modern age.

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Head office

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Managing Directors

László Apkó - phone: +36 30 956 1371

Endre Schindler  - phone: +36 30 670 9555

Head of Design
Zoltán Högyes - phone: +36 20 576 8673

Head of the Manufacturing Plant
Kristóf Kakuk - phone: +36 30 700 6857

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